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North Tampa Behavioral Health is a leading detox center for individuals struggling with prescription drug abuse. Located in Wesley Chapel, the expert staff at North Tampa provides lasting recovery through holistic care and comprehensive programming.

Importance of Detox

The Importance of Detox for Prescription Drug Addiction

For those who require more effective prescription drug addiction treatment than what over-the-counter medications can provide, prescription medications can serve as an invaluable resource. Whether to alleviate pain, mitigate the symptoms of a mental illness, or treat some kind of medical condition, prescription drugs can drastically improve a person’s quality of life. However, if medications like Xanax, OxyContin, Ativan, and the like are misused as a means of achieving a high, the resulting effects can be anything but positive.

Many prescription drugs are also known to be habit-forming. So, if you have abused a prescription drug, and it’s now becoming obvious to you that you can’t go about your day without taking a medication for non-medical reasons, you may have developed an addiction. And while prescription medications like the ones previously mentioned are prescribed by doctors, abusing them makes them no less harmful than taking illicit substances of abuse.

Unfortunately, many prescription medication addictions can trigger withdrawal symptoms that can infringe upon a person’s ability to stop this kind of substance abuse problem. In cases such as these, and if this is your experience, professional rehab services within a treatment center may be warranted. As you consider starting a program to defeat an addiction to prescription drugs, it’s imperative for you to select services that offer detox so that you can enjoy the most favorable outcomes possible.


Benefits of Prescription Drug Detox

Should you attempt to overcome an addiction to prescription drugs without the guidance and support of professionals, you could be placing yourself at risk for relapse and eventually developing a more severe addiction to your drug(s) of choice. Depending on the medication that you’re abusing, withdrawal symptoms can emerge, trigger you to resume your substance abuse, and foil your efforts to live the sober life you seek. However, when you access rehab services that feature detox, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Your Health

While in detox, expertly trained medical professionals are on hand to safeguard your overall health and wellbeing. You won’t be able to abuse prescription drugs or other substances, which can ultimately prevent relapse and the continued harm that prescription drug abuse can cause. Furthermore, if your withdrawal symptoms become overwhelming and uncomfortable, the staff within a detox program can provide you with resources for managing your discomfort.

Your Emotional Wellness

Making the choice to overcome a prescription drug addiction is no simple undertaking, and to be successful, you must feel supported by positive people who want you to succeed. So, while in a detox program, know that you’ll have ongoing support and encouragement from caring professionals who want nothing more than to help you reach your goals. Even in moments of doubt, you can rely on these individuals to help you get to the next step of your recovery journey.

Your Recovery Process

Since you will be able to avoid relapse, become healthier in mind and body, and develop the clarity of mind needed to focus on your sobriety, you are more likely to experience success when you receive detox services. Unlike when you’re outside the confines of a treatment center, when you’re in a program that offers detox, you’ll be able to advance towards living a life that’s no longer controlled by prescription drugs, allowing you to reach your treatment goals in a transformative and meaningful way.

Without treatment, a prescription drug abuse problem is bound to get worse, and the risk of relapse and overdose increases as time presses on. Similarly, when services that don’t offer detox are received, an individual is only receiving care for part of what led to the development of the addiction in the first place. For example, without detox and only therapeutic services, the physical side of addiction is never quite addressed and what’s left is an individual who is still physically reliant on substances and not fully able to utilize recovery skills in an effective manner. For these reasons and more, it’s necessary to partake in services that include both detox and therapeutic interventions so that an addiction to prescription drugs can be fully overcome in a lasting way.

Located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital is a premier provider of rehab services for individuals who require effective treatment to win the war against a prescription drug addiction. From detox to medication management services to the various therapies that are available, this center has been able to guide people like you towards a life of sobriety; a life that is no longer dictated by a prescription drug abuse problem. Therefore, if you’re prepared to heal from the effects of your prescription drug addiction, learn the skills you need to become sober, and develop the confidence that can help you avoid relapse, look no further than North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital. Here, we hope to empower you to reach your recovery goals.

I brought my wife to North Tampa for help. They took her in and helped her find herself again. Now I have my wife back and our marriage has never been better

– Joe H.
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