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North Tampa Behavioral Health is a leading rehab center for individuals struggling with Percocet abuse. Located in Wesley Chapel, the expert staff at North Tampa provides lasting recovery through holsitic care and comprehensive programming.

Treatment for Percocet Abuse

Learn more about Percocet Abuse Treatment in North Tampa

Made up of oxycodone and acetaminophen, Percocet is a prescription painkiller that’s prescribed by physicians to help their patients experience relief from discomfort following an injury or some other issue that causes moderate to severe pain. When taken as directed, this medication can drastically improve the lives of those who need relief from this sort of discomfort, though it often comes with a warning that it should never be misused. If Percocet is taken in a manner that’s outside of a doctor’s recommendations, a person runs the risk of becoming addicted to it. And because an addiction to Percocet can be exceptionally challenging to overcome alone, professional treatment is almost always needed to reclaim one’s life from this dangerous form of chemical dependency.

If you’ve been struggling with the abuse of Percocet and are at a point in your life where you’re ready to become sober, it’s crucial to know that you have many options available to you that can help you defeat your addiction. Therefore, if you’re ready to begin a transformative journey towards a recovered future, it’s best to look into professional rehab services as soon as you’re able.

At North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the exact services you need to defeat your Percocet abuse problem. Here, at our Wesley Chapel, Florida treatment center, you will work closely with highly trained, dedicated, and experienced personnel who are committed to helping you reach your treatment goals. Our therapeutic services, coupled with our life-changing detox services, can help you lay the foundation for the sober future you hope to live. So, if you’d like to reclaim your life from the misuse of Percocet, call us today. We look forward to having the privilege of working with you and bearing witness to your recovery success.

Helping a Loved One

How To Help A Loved One Enter Inpatient Rehab for Percocet Abuse & Addiction

As someone who is concerned about a person who is addicted to Percocet, you can play a powerful role in helping your friend or family member get the treatment he or she needs at this pivotal point in his or her life. Some individuals who are grappling with an addiction to Percocet need the strength and encouragement of their loved ones to take the brave steps needed to win the war against a Percocet addiction, and you can be that individual for your friend or family member. If you follow through on the following suggestions after learning all that you can about what it means to struggle with a Percocet abuse problem, you can help your loved one get into an addiction treatment program that can save his or her life:

  • Research the signs and symptoms of Percocet abuse.
  • Speak to addiction specialists in your community and ask about the forms of care that can help your loved one.
  • Conduct a search for programs near your loved one’s home that may be able to help the person you care about.
  • Present your list of treatment centers and rehab service providers to your loved one and encourage him or her to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Additionally, it will be to your advantage to also do the following as you help your loved one access treatment for his or her Percocet addiction:

  • Communicate the ways you plan on supporting him or her before, during, and after treatment is complete.
  • Talk about your concerns and worries for your loved one in a compassionate and empathic manner.
  • Listen to what your loved one has to say about his or her experiences and about the possibility of getting professional treatment.
  • See what you can do to make the prospect of getting help easier. This can include driving him or her to treatment or taking care of responsibilities at home while he or she is away.

When you take the aforementioned steps to help your loved one, you’re furthering the possibility that the person you care about will access services and overcome his or her Percocet addiction at long last.

Why Consider Us

Why Consider Inpatient Treatment at North Tampa Behavioral Health

In the short-term, the effects of Percocet abuse may not be fully realized. However, as the misuse of this medication continues, the devastating consequences can become more apparent and impact not just the user’s life, but also the lives of those closest to him or her. Therefore, if you’re someone who is addicted to this painkiller, it’s possible that the people who care about you most may endure struggles of their own as a result of your addiction. Additionally, if you don’t access treatment to defeat your Percocet abuse problem, your risk for overdose remains high, your chances of relapsing and developing a more severe addiction can increase, and the health concerns that can manifest may be irreversible. Furthermore, if you are taking Percocet throughout the day, every day, you may not be able to uphold your responsibilities at work, which could result in job loss, financial problems, and problems with acquiring employment in the future. Lastly, you may also have interaction with the legal system because of your substance abuse. However, if you want to prevent these risks from happening to you, either for the first time or again, you can start a rehab program at an addiction treatment center and master the skills needed to refrain the misuse of Percocet in the present and future.

Philosophy and Benefits

Our Treatment and Rehab Philosophy and Benefits

At North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital, we believe in using an eclectic approach for the treatment of Percocet addiction. This means we draw from a variety of treatment modalities in order to provide you with the individualized care you deserve. We focus on who you are as an individual, not just the symptoms and effects of your addiction that are impacting your life. While working to learn about you and determining the best approach to address your Percocet addiction, we will do all that we can to help strengthen you physically and mentally. We want to help you achieve a clearer mind, develop better sleeping habits, and improve your nutritional intake. In doing so, we aim to help you avoid relapse and fend off your addictive behaviors in a life-giving manner. We will do everything possible to help you realize a future that is hopeful and full of potential to succeed.

Types of Therapy

Types of Therapy We Use to Treat Percocet Abuse and Addiction

At North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital, we use a variety of treatment modalities to help you begin your recovery. From the moment you enter our program, we will dedicate ourselves to helping you obtain new coping skills, acquire resources, and learn techniques so that you are able to continue to move forward in your rehab efforts and avoid the pitfalls that can lead to relapse.

After a complete evaluation, your treatment team will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan for your individual needs. This plan may include the use of medications to help you through detox or to aid you in controlling mental illness symptoms that could otherwise hinder your ability to engage in the therapeutic process.

We provide detox services when necessary, since many individuals who come to us are still physically dependent on Percocet. Medication management and monitoring are also available 24 hours a day, so if you are experiencing difficulties, time doesn’t matter to us when it comes to easing your discomfort.

We provide individual therapy as needed to help you process issues you may not be ready to disclose in a group setting and to supply you with individualized attention for your specific needs. This is also a time where you can explore any new issues that you may be just starting to identify.

We also utilize group therapy as a method to increase understanding and provide a group forum in which to process issues with others who may have also endured similar challenges related to the abuse of Percocet. Our psychoeducational groups provide information about Percocet addiction and instruction on ways to develop new recovery skills. Our process groups allow you to discuss issues with others who have gone through similar experiences so that you and your peers can heal as a group. Your treatment team will help you decide which groups will be most beneficial for your individual circumstances.

Family involvement is an important component of our Percocet treatment, as family support is critical for your healing. It is likely your treatment plan will include a family consultation which will be used to determine the extent to which family problems exist and to help family members learn about your Percocet addiction so that they can better support you as you recover. We also provide family members with referrals to community-based resources so that they can continue to work on their own issues, learn more about your addiction, and learn what they can expect after you are discharged from our program.

Our therapists often use techniques from the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) model, which helps you learn to identify negative, irrational, or illogical thought patterns and replace them with more adaptive ways of thinking.

When your treatment team determines you no longer need the more intensive and structured services provided by an inpatient program, they will collaborate with you to determine the next best step for you to take to be able to continue progressing toward the life you want to lead.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care – What Comes Next?

At North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital, we are committed to making sure your discharge plan is as thorough as possible. Sometimes, people aren’t ready to leave the safe environment provided in our program, and they transition into a residential treatment program following discharge. For other individuals who still feel the need for a high level of services while residing at home, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) may be the best choice for them.

In sum, your needs will be just as carefully considered when your time in inpatient care is complete, as we want nothing more than for you to succeed in overcoming your addiction to Percocet. Call our staff today to begin making the changes needed to live a sober and happy life.

My addiction to opiates was ruining my life. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't stop. North Tampa took me in and gave me treatment. They gave me life. Another chance. Now I have a job again, and am working toward being the kind of person I want to be. Not just some addict.

– Anonymous Patient
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