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North Tampa Behavioral Health is a leading detox center for individuals struggling with benzodiazepines abuse. Located in Wesley Chapel, the expert staff at North Tampa provides lasting recovery through holistic care and comprehensive programming.

Importance of Detox

The Importance of Detox for Benzodiazepines Addiction

Misusing any kind of prescription medication can be harmful to your health. Even if you’re given a prescription to treat a condition, it’s necessary to abide by your doctor’s recommendations so that you can avoid a variety of aftereffects that can place a dark cloud over several areas of your life. Benzodiazepines, or benzos for short, are medications that are meant to alleviate the symptoms of seizure, sleep, and anxiety disorders, and are an example of a type of medication that should never be misused. As with other forms of substance abuse, benzo abuse doesn’t come without consequences, and can be the source of an addiction that can be difficult to experience and overcome.

Regardless if these substances are abused alone or taken at the same time as other drugs, treatment that also includes detox is frequently necessary to free a person from this kind of addiction. Benzo addiction can often trigger the onset of certain mental health concerns, which can hinder efforts to become sober, as can the withdrawal symptoms that can manifest once an individual’s body has become reliant on these kinds of medications. Therefore, if you’ve experienced adversity within your own life as a result of your benzo abuse, and if you’re ready to live a benzo-free and healthy lifestyle, locate and start a program that features detox. It will be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your future.


Benefits of Detox

When people hear “withdrawal symptoms,” heroin, alcohol, and/or meth addiction often come to mind. The reason for this is that many people often discount benzo abuse as actual substance abuse because these are medications that can be prescribed by a physician. However, as previously stated, the misuse of benzodiazepines is dangerous, and can spur a chemical dependency problem that includes symptoms of withdrawal as well. For this reason, rehab services that provide detox are important when one is grappling with this kind of issue, as it can further one’s recovery process and offer up the following life-changing benefits:

Benzodiazepines and other drugs are not allowed within many addiction treatment centers. So, when you partake in a program that offers detox, you can:

  • Avoid relapse
  • Evade the continued harm that’s associated with ongoing benzo abuse
  • Prevent overdose
  • Heal in mind and body

Additionally, detox programs are facilitated by professionals who will help you remain committed to your recovery process by:

  • Encouraging you during more challenging moments
  • Supporting you even if you question your ability to become sober

Lastly, since detox is a medically-supervised process, you’ll be able to safely get through this facet of your care because you will:

  • Have trained staff members who will supervise the status of your health every step of the way
  • Be able to receive certain medications or other types of interventions if your withdrawal symptoms become too much for you to handle
  • Have access to medical treatment if you experience any kind of health complications as a result of your benzo abuse or if you are suffering from a medical condition at the same time

In sum, when you choose to partake in a program that offers detox, your system will be cleared of benzodiazepines and other substances in a safe manner that truly supports the journey towards true recovery.

Failing to receive treatment for a benzo addiction ultimately leaves you susceptible to polysubstance abuse, relapses, overdose, family discord, social isolation, job loss, and numerous health problems that are directly caused by the misuse of these medications. Along the same lines, when care is received that doesn’t include detox, the aftermath can be just as grim. When treatment only focuses on the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction, such as in programs that only offer therapies and emotional support, the physical component of addiction isn’t addressed, and can be the downfall of a person who is dependent on benzos. Considering what can happen if comprehensive treatment isn’t accessed, it’s wise to consider rehab that offers detox as opposed to no treatment or one-sided therapeutic services.

As previously discussed, the benefits of receiving detox are invaluable. This service, which is fully supported by medical, mental health, and addiction experts, can offer you all that you could need as you start to break free from the grips of a benzo addiction. Rather than staying addicted to benzodiazepines and enduring the consequences of this kind of addiction, it’s in your own best interest to start this kind of care in order to mitigate the pitfalls of substance abuse and live the healthy and benzo-free life you deserve to live.

In Wesley Chapel, Florida, individuals have turned to and trusted North Tampa Behavioral Health as the place to overcome benzo addictions and other chemical dependency concerns because of this center’s unique ability to treat the full scope of issues and factors that cause addiction in the first place. From detox, to therapy, to priceless support from caring staff members, this rehab provider is where an addiction to benzos can truly come to an end. Each and every person who comes for care is treated with the utmost respect and is given a fully customized recovery experience that can set the stage for a long, healthy, and sober future. So, if you’re in search of a place that can give you the resources, support, and services you need to defeat your benzo abuse problem, your quest is over. North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital is where your benzodiazepine addiction can finally be overcome.

I couldn't stop. After hurting everyone around me, I finally admitted to myself that I needed help. North Tampa took me in at a time when I hit rock bottom and they helped me crawl my way back out of the pit. Seriously, best choice of my life.

– Anonymous Patient
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