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North Tampa Behavioral Health is a leading detox center for individuals struggling with oxycodone abuse. Located in Wesley Chapel, the expert staff at North Tampa provides lasting recovery through holistic care and comprehensive programming.

Importance of Detox

The Importance of Detox for Oxycodone Addiction

As an opiate painkiller, oxycodone is very effective at alleviating pain. However, when this sort of medication is taken in a manner that goes against a physician’s recommendations or is consumed with the intent of getting high, the resulting outcome can be a complex addiction that requires rehab services to overcome.

Given oxycodone’s potent and addictive nature, it’s been classified in the same category of drugs as heroin. In fact, this pain medication interacts with a person’s brain in the same way as heroin, which certainly speaks to how dangerous it is to misuse oxycodone. Therefore, if you’re someone who is abusing oxycodone, it’s necessary for you to know that this painkiller can cause significant damage to your health and wellbeing, and can be the source of a chemical dependency problem that can compromise your quality of life. But, if you’re ready to break free from your addiction to oxycodone, you must also be ready to make the changes needed to become sober. Among the measures that you need to take to overcome your oxycodone abuse problem, seeking professional oxycodone addiction treatment is a great way to go.

Unlike in decade’s past, there are many treatment options that currently exist that are effective at treating addictions to drugs like oxycodone. And while several programs tout their ability to give people the resources needed to become sober, the programs that offer detox are the ones that tend to be most effective in doing so. Detox is a medically supported option for care that clears your system of oxycodone and other substances of abuse so that you can work on the other elements of your recovery process. Therefore, if you’re trying to determine which rehab program will give you the treatment results you seek, be sure to consider those that offer detox.


Benefits of Oxycodone Detox

If you’ve ever tried to stop abusing oxycodone on your own, you may have experienced overpowering withdrawal symptoms that made you reconsider becoming sober. These symptoms, which can be uncomfortable, painful, and challenge your mental wherewithal, are oftentimes enough of a deterrent to resume the misuse of this painkiller. However, when you start detox services within a comprehensive treatment center, you can get through withdrawal safely, and place your attention on developing the skills and confidence needed to live an oxycodone-free life.

In addition to getting through withdrawal safely, detox can offer you the following benefits:

  • The damage done by the continued abuse of oxycodone can come to an end, as you won’t be able to abuse oxycodone or other drugs while you’re in detox.
  • Your physical health can show signs of improvement while you’re in detox, as your body will finally have time to heal from the effects of oxycodone abuse.
  • During moments of weakness in which you may question whether or not you can truly overcome your oxycodone addiction, you will have the encouraging support of staff members and your peers who want nothing more than for you to succeed in your recovery pursuits.
  • Once your time in detox is finished, you can start on the therapeutic aspects of your treatment. However, at some treatment centers, you may be able to start your therapeutic services as soon as you feel well enough to do so. Given the many advantages that you can enjoy when you participate in a program that offers detox, it’s for the betterment of both your present and future that you engage in this sort of care as soon as you’re able.

Similar to what happens when a person remains addicted to illicit substances, staying addicted to a licit drug like oxycodone can signify a long and challenging road that can be rife with numerous problems. For example, those who continue to misuse oxycodone often come to suffer from mental health conditions that can make grappling with a substance abuse problem even more complex and difficult to overcome. Furthermore, an ongoing oxycodone addiction can render an individual vulnerable to multiple relapses and a potentially fatal overdose. Conversely, when comprehensive rehab services are accessed, and when detox is part of that care, the adversities that come with chemical dependency can be avoided completely.

With medically monitored detox services, time-tested therapeutic supports, experienced staff, and a commitment to your overall health and wellness, North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital of Wesley Chapel, Florida can be the place when your oxycodone dependence comes to a close. At this trusted center, you can benefit greatly from our personalized treatment planning and discharge processes that can enable you to live the sober life you deserve. You can have oxycodone and other drugs cleared from your system, and also develop a deeper understanding of yourself in a way that can support long-term recovery.

In sum, if you’re in need of comprehensive, life-saving, and effective addiction treatment to reclaim your life from an addiction to oxycodone, come to North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital. We look forward to helping you achieve a sober and healthy future.

My addiction to opiates was ruining my life. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't stop. North Tampa took me in and gave me treatment. They gave me life. Another chance. Now I have a job again, and am working toward being the kind of person I want to be. Not just some addict.

– Anonymous Patient
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