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North Tampa Behavioral Health is a leading detox center for individuals struggling with opiate abuse. Located in Wesley Chapel, the expert staff at North Tampa provides lasting recovery through holistic care and comprehensive programming.

Importance of Detox

The Importance of Detox for Opiate Addiction

Opiates, or opioids, are a classification of drugs that include both heroin and prescription painkillers. These substances are very addictive in nature, and can cause an individual to become addicted before he or she knows it. Once an addiction to these kinds of substances forms, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to overcome. Among the reasons why this kind of addiction is so challenging, the withdrawal that can ensue when any attempt to stop opioid abuse can hamper even the most motivated person from being successful in becoming sober. But, if you’re suffering from a dependence on opiates, know that you can, in fact, break free from your addiction and turn your life around.

Professional opiate addiction treatment that includes detoxifications services, or detox, can not only clear opiates and other substances from your system, but it can help you become healthier in mind and body in a manner that supports a sober lifestyle.


Benefits of Opiate Detox

The complexities of opiate addiction typically don’t allow people to just stop using these sort of substances. For starters, the highly addictive nature of heroin and prescription pain medications induce such an enticing high that it can be hard to walk away from the euphoria and mood-altering effects that they can produce. Additionally, the withdrawal symptoms that manifest once an individual stops abusing these kinds of drugs can be so physically and psychologically overpowering that returning to the abuse of opiates again and again appears to be a person’s only option.

On the other hand, while it can seem like there is no escaping the endless cycle of opioid abuse, you can engage in rehab services within a treatment center so that you can enjoy the following benefits that are directly related to detox:

Reduced risk of relapse

Considering that you won’t be able to abuse opiates while you’re in treatment, your chances of experiencing a relapse are drastically lowered. With this advantage, you’ll be able to make a great deal of progress towards reaching your treatment goals.

Improved health

Rehab centers don’t allow any kind of substances of abuse on the premises. Therefore, since your abuse of opiates will stop, your body will have time to heal from its effects. And since your body will have time to mend itself, you can start to enjoy the better health that can allow you to participate in your programming.

Ongoing support

Unlike when you try to end your opiate addiction alone, you will be surrounded by caring and encouraging professionals who will offer you the backing needed to press on in your recovery journey. Having the support of people who want you to succeed is proven to help further the process of defeating an addiction to heroin and/or painkillers in a meaningful and lasting way.

Seamless transition into other forms of care

Detox services typically precede therapeutic treatment when they are accessed within a comprehensive treatment center. So, once your time in detox comes to a close, you be able to confront the emotional and psychological reasons why you came to abuse opiates in the first place.

The damage that can be done when you struggle with an addiction to opiates can be far reaching. Not only does this sort of substance abuse cause significant harm to your health and emotional wellness, but your work and personal life are likely to be adversely affected as well. The abuse of heroin and/or prescription painkillers can cause a rift between you and your family, and eventually lead to the demise of once meaningful relationships. Furthermore, any career potential you had prior to the abuse of opioids can deteriorate over time, as an addiction of this kind can ultimately cause job loss, chronic unemployment, and financial distress that can prevent you from being able to take care of yourself. Given these reasons, seeking care that addresses both the physical and emotional sides of addiction is imperative. For without this kind of rehab service, you may experience relapses and a potentially fatal overdose.

At North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital in Wesley Chapel, Florida, we aim to guide individuals like you towards the opiate-free life that is deserving of all people. At our trusted center, we supply evidence-based treatment that is structured to tackle every facet of opiate addiction, and our staff of compassionate professionals are highly trained to care for the complex nature of this sort of chemical dependency problem. Here, you can truly rest comfortably in knowing that all of your treatment needs will be fully addressed and treated in the most efficient manner possible.

Don’t let another minute, hour, or day go by. Call us at North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital today to embark on your life-saving recovery journey.

My addiction to opiates was ruining my life. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't stop. North Tampa took me in and gave me treatment. They gave me life. Another chance. Now I have a job again, and am working toward being the kind of person I want to be. Not just some addict.

– Anonymous Patient
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