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North Tampa Behavioral Health is a leading detox center for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Located in Wesley Chapel, the expert staff at North Tampa provides lasting recovery through holistic care and comprehensive programming.

Importance of Detox

The Importance of Detox for Substance Abuse

The abuse of illicit drugs like heroin or methamphetamine can eventually lead to the development of a challenging addiction that can cause significant harm across several areas of a person’s life. Similarly, the abuse of legal substances such as alcohol and prescription drugs can also lead to the same fate.

If your substance abuse has led to the development of an addiction, rehab services that include detox may also be required in order for you to live a healthy lifestyle once more.

Detox is a type of care that may be appropriate for you if you’re grappling with withdrawal symptoms in the event you stop abusing your drug of choice. Withdrawal is a process in which your body is trying to adjust to functioning without drugs, and can entail many uncomfortable, painful, and sometimes life-threatening symptoms that can trigger the continued abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

Additionally, the presence of such symptoms signifies that you’ve become physically dependent on substances, which is an issue that must be tended to via effective treatment. Therefore, if you have made the life-affirming decision to get effective professional help to overcome your addiction, it’s best to locate comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment center whose services include detox.


Benefits of Detox

Without detox, it’s possible that you could remain trapped in the vicious cycle of substance abuse for a long time. Because of withdrawal, the desire to get high, and the compulsion to abuse substance, it can be rather difficult to stop your substance abuse even if you seek treatment to confront the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction.

Furthermore, if you neglect to receive treatment or only partake in rehab services at a center that doesn’t offer detox, you won’t be able to reap the following benefits of accessing detox services:

Invaluable support

If you attempt to end your addiction alone, or if you try to stop your substance abuse while associating yourself with others who abuse drugs and/or alcohol, your chances of relapsing are greater. However, while in detox, you will be surrounded by caring professionals who make it their mission to help you stick to your recovery goals. As evidenced by research, having the support and encouragement of positive people who want you to do well can enhance your ability to remain drug-free.

Access to medical care

Sometimes the symptoms of withdrawal can pose a threat to your health and wellbeing. Additionally, the discomfort of withdrawal can often times be too much to bear, which can make returning to substance abuse seem like a viable option. But, when you’re engaged in detox, your health will be monitored by medical professionals who can also do what they can to make this first phase of your recovery as comfortable as possible.

Lowered risk of relapse

Most treatment centers that offer detox don’t allow substances of abuse onsite. Even if you’re given medication to alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal, the substances you’re given are closely supervised to ensure that you don’t develop another substance abuse problem while you’re receiving treatment. Because of these policies, the chances of you relapsing while you’re in detox are significantly diminished, and you will be able to make great strides in your recovery journey.

As previously stated, without detox, your chances of winning the war against addiction and chemical dependency aren’t as strong. Many individuals, unfortunately, return to the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol and find themselves struggling with an even more potent addiction that further consumes every facet of their lives.

On the other hand, when detox services are received, your body can be cleared of substances, you can develop the uncompromised mindset needed to focus on your treatment, and you can eventually enjoy a life that’s sober and healthy.

Personalized treatment planning is the cornerstone to the care offered at North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital, and we are pleased to provide the life-saving detox services that men and women need to overcome chemical dependency concerns in a lasting way. When you decide to come to our Wesley Chapel, Florida treatment center, you’ll be provided with every advantage you could need to lay the foundation for a successful treatment experience.

Additionally, you’ll be able to work with a treatment team that’s comprised of trained and empathic professionals who are familiar with the complexities of addiction, and who will give their all to help you reach your goals.

So, if you’re ready to make the changes required to begin living the sober life you deserve, call North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital’s admissions team. Allow our staff to help you make an informed decision that can better your future.

North Tampa's treatment team was there for me. I'd been through other rehab programs but theirs was just so thorough, it made it actually possible to beat my addiction.

– Anonyous Patient
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